Domaine A is set in one 
of the most pristine natural environments
 in the world.

Established in 1973, the historic Stoney Vineyard is the oldest in Tasmania’s Coal River Valley. Just half an hour's drive from the city of Hobart, the 11ha single vineyard domaine is owned and operated by Moorilla Estate Pty Ltd.

Ancient soil and a truly cool climate give rise to inspirational terroir founded on 200 million year old Jurassic Dolerite. Domaine A lies on a north facing slope that enjoys a temperate maritime climate and extended sunlight hours over a long, cool season. Domaine A experiences some of the longest sunshine hours in Australia, ensuring grapes ripen to develop the full spectrum of varietal character. The vineyard is close planted in the European tradition (1.9 x 0.9m), with a density of 6000 vines per hectare. The sloping North-North Easterly aspect and foliage height of 1400mm enables vines to take full advantage of prolonged sunshine. Annual rainfall is often less than 500mm. Grapes ripen well into late April and early May, bringing flavours of great subtlety and intensity to the wines.

Varieties grown include red grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Pinot Noir and the white grape Sauvignon Blanc.

During the cool days of Autumn when the fruit is at the point of optimum ripeness and flavour it is hand-picked and crafted with minimal intervention. The wines are made without compromise in the spirit of the finest traditions of winemaking.


Moorilla & Domaine A

When Peter and Ruth Althaus emigrated from Europe, they scoured the southern hemisphere for the perfect cool-climate vineyard—an antipodean answer to the great wine estates of France and Germany. They found Stoney Vineyard, fortuitously situated at a similar latitude to Europe’s finest winemaking regions, and established Domaine A.

Stoney Vineyard is the oldest in Tasmania’s Coal River Valley and from there, Domaine A has built an international reputation for its world-class stable of mature, cool-climate wines. Like Moorilla, Domaine A crafts wines that are true to their Tasmanian terroir. Taste Domaine A’s big Bordeaux blends (a rare feat for a little estate at the end of the world) and elegant, textural whites.

Domaine A will now become Moorilla’s sister winery. Acquired by Moorilla after Peter’s retirement, Domaine A and Stoney Vineyard will continue their founder’s celebrated winemaking tradition but with new custodians: Moorilla winemaker Conor van der Reest and Mona owner David Walsh.

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